The Network State - Balaji S. Srinivasan

In The Network State Balaji Srinivasan describes a future where networked organizations united by a shared cause or doctrine and facilitated by the distributed technology available thanks to blockchain, become a new and improved variation on the now all but defunct nation state. The book includes a lot of historical and political analysis to motivate this new idea and a recipe for bootstrapping a network state and getting it through adoption and all the way to physical / geographical presence and diplomatic recognition.

On the surface, this book reads like the overly verbose ramblings of a conspiratorial troll. But read seriously, these are the overly verbose ramblings of a sophisticated and original thinker. The future described in the book is not inevitable. No future is, and it's hard to predict, but Srinivasan, thanks to providing so much detail and analysis, does paint a possible future that is worth understanding deeply, and that makes this an important book.


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