Medical Grade Music - Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi

In the introduction to Medical Grade Music, the authors mention that they initially intended to write a sort of encyclopedia of the progressive, mind-bending music they have come to be identified with. I suspect I would have enjoyed that book better. Instead, the actual book is a double-headed autobiography with alternating chapters, focusing on each author's journey to discovering progressive music and getting involved in its making. The main focus is on their collaboration, first as radio DJS, then as two parts of a trio - The Utopia Strong.

Torabi shares interesting anecdotes from his growing up as a music-obsessed misfit in North England, to forming The Monsoon Bassoon and achieving considerable (for a difficult, progressive band) success, connecting with the Cardiacs and becoming their last guitarist and, eventually, becoming the leader of post -Daevid Allen Gong.

Davis, a former snooker champion, shares his own experience discovering progressive music and eventually starting an unlikely second career as a prog DJ and improvisational musician.

This book is a fun read for fans of Torabi (like myself) and Davis, and probably not very interesting to anyone else.


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